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 If you would like to check default Hot Keys available in salesforce Classic & Lightning than please follow below link :

For the chrome extension you can use below link :

Adds hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to your salesforce record page. Example - CTRL + E for edit, CTRL + S for save and many more!

This extension provides 2 types of hotkeys: 

★ Hotkeys with CTRL, ALT and SHIFT buttons

★ GMail like combo keys (#awesomeness)


★ Questions/Feedback -


★ Complete List of Hotkeys -



1. ( CTRL + E ) OR ( h h e ) - for editing record (When user is on record detail page) [this is similar to clicking Edit button on screen].

2. ( CTRL + S ) OR ( h h s )- to save record when user is on Edit record page or (Editing record inline). [this is similar to clicking Save button on screen].



1. This extension will NOT work for non-English salesforce users (users who have other Language selected on the user record in salesforce).

2. This extension also do NOT work on salesforce console(as it already have hotkeys).


Please send me any ideas for enhancements that you have to make the this better (


★ Please note that this is not an official Salesforce extension ★

Checkout complete tutorial below

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