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Hi! I am Kapil Batra. I am founder of this blog www.SalesforceBolt.com and the YouTube channel Salesforce Bolt.
I am from Ajmer Rajasthan. I am working as a Lead Salesforce Engineer.
I am a Salesforce MVP, a Lifelong Learner, a Son, a Brother, a Husband, a Father and a part time content creator and blogger. 

My Journey

I am not from this technical background. I am a B.Com graduate(2012) from MDS University Ajmer, Rajasthan. As a B.Com student in my college only the minimum attendance was required so I thought of doing some computer course side by side. I went to APTECH Computer Education in my city to do the computer basics and some other small courses(Not the technical one).

But the counselor there was so good in his job that we ended up by signing into a 3 years of computer course which was including the advance web development and some other high level languages. The course was ACCP (Aptech Computer Certified Professionals).
I started the journey as a beginner by learning HTML, CSS, JS and other stuff. During that course I discovered my interest in programming and continued that 3 years of journey with my college side by side.
I ended up being the Student of the year there, trust me it was so cool at that time.

During that period I developed my interest in Asp.net c# and continued my journey as a Asp.net developer. I was a web developer and than asp.net developer for at least 3 years 2013-2016

One of my friend was working as a Salesforce Developer at that time, whenever I used to meet him he tried to drag me into Salesforce. It was one of the fastest growing technologies and the most talked about topic at that time (Cloud Computing).

And yes one day I decided to move my skill sets from .net to Salesforce. I was a Senior .Net Developer at that time. Than from Jan 2017 I started my journey as a Associate Salesforce Developer.
It's been a long time now and trust me that was one of the best decisions in my life!

Salesforce Bolt's Journey

It's started in March, 2020. It was the pandemic and everyone was having tough times. My X boss came up with an idea to have a weekly activity to keep us busy during this tough time, and ask us to select a creative activity. So I decided to write blog and create video as a weekly activity. And yes that's the story behind it and the rest is history.

From March 2020 I am posting at least 1 video per week, I am just sharing whatever I am learning during weekdays. Right now the YouTube channel is focused on Lightning Web Components as currently I am pretty much into it.

If you are working on Salesforce or planning to work on it, than you will find some really interesting stuff on this blog.

My Mantra

If you are still reading this post that means maybe we are sharing the same journey or path. I would like to share a very important career advice or life mantra what I followed during this journey and trust me it really changed my life.

"There are no cheat codes, no shortcuts. If you are planning to start something from level 0, take a step back and start it from level -1.
Don't become a dreamer, become an aimer instead. Whatever are your desires just aim for it and give it your best shot!"

Honors & Awards

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Happy Coding :)

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  1. how can we link feedcomment in other parent-child relationship as parentId is not writeable.

    1. Hi, are you looking for forceChatter:feed ?

  2. for(FeedComment f : triggerNew ){
    FeedComment chat = f.clone();
    chat.Id = null;
    chat.parentId = taskMap.get(f.ParentId); Not able to upload in my desired object


  3. I want to link comment in another object. we can do that through parentid field of feedcomment but it is not writeable. how can we achieve that.

    1. Not sure about it. I will try and let you know.

  4. I have resolved it. Here is the Solution. We should run a for loop in FeedItem Object in the also make of feeditem where parentid is the key and compare the body of both map and the feeditem record in which we want to comment. if it is true than we can make new feedcomment making and assigning the parentid where we want to insert it another object.

    1. Great ! Thanks for sharing the knowledge here. Your answer will help others !

  5. hey ,
    i wached your video in youtube about chart
    i manged to do this on my sf
    but in my Mobile app i keep getting this error

    Error undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new ResizeObserver ((t=>{conste=t[0],i=e.contentRect.width,s=e.contentRect.height;0===i&&0===s||a(i,s)}))')

    do you have any idea how can i fix it?

  6. Hi, your vides are really good. Thank you. I watched your video about disabling pull refresh on mobile and that is something we implemented on our end. I had a question regarding one of behavior we are seeing with our screen flow and wondering if you had some thoughts. We have a screen flow (about 25 screens) that we implemented on Android tablets and IOS. While in the middle of the screen flow (happens on any screen), the session automatically refreshes and takes us back to the first screen. This is getting very annoying for the users as they have to start the process all over again. We have tried multiple things (settings to 24 hours) but nothing has helped. Any suggestions how we can prevent the screen flow from automatically kicking us out of the current active session? I have asked this in the community as well but didn't get much input.
    Any ideas is appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Really inspiring . Also I was on the .net domain in training period in my company for early days . Unfortunately I got rejected in .net interview and i nominated myself to learn salesforce as they asked to . But I often feel bad for losing a high package and selected for salesforce . Now Im happy to learn and work as a salesforce developer in the same company .

    1. Hi there, sometimes it could be little difficult to judge a decision. But I am glad to hear that you are doing good in your career now. Thanks for sharing it here.

  8. Hi Kapil . I saw your Blog Reusable Download All files as zip quick action button . It was very useful . Thank you . Can I know whether we can add the button near to Files ( Related List) instead of adding it in the page layout generally ? , and also is there any was to select only the files we want to download and continue with the mass downlaod thingy ? Thanks in advance .