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  1. how can we link feedcomment in other parent-child relationship as parentId is not writeable.

    1. Hi, are you looking for forceChatter:feed ?

  2. for(FeedComment f : triggerNew ){
    FeedComment chat = f.clone();
    chat.Id = null;
    chat.parentId = taskMap.get(f.ParentId); Not able to upload in my desired object


  3. I want to link comment in another object. we can do that through parentid field of feedcomment but it is not writeable. how can we achieve that.

    1. Not sure about it. I will try and let you know.

  4. I have resolved it. Here is the Solution. We should run a for loop in FeedItem Object in the also make of feeditem where parentid is the key and compare the body of both map and the feeditem record in which we want to comment. if it is true than we can make new feedcomment making and assigning the parentid where we want to insert it another object.

    1. Great ! Thanks for sharing the knowledge here. Your answer will help others !

  5. hey ,
    i wached your video in youtube about chart
    i manged to do this on my sf
    but in my Mobile app i keep getting this error

    Error undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new ResizeObserver ((t=>{conste=t[0],i=e.contentRect.width,s=e.contentRect.height;0===i&&0===s||a(i,s)}))')

    do you have any idea how can i fix it?