Fun & Interesting ways to win FREE or DISCOUNTED Salesforce Certification Vouchers and Swags 🎁

 Hey are you looking for a free salesforce certification voucher, discount or salesforce swags? If yes then you have landed on the right place.

In this blog I will share some interesting ways through which you may earn your salesforce certification discount voucher.

Salesforce community always believe in giving back, there are some programs by salesforce community through which you may earn your voucher.

Journey to Salesforce Program 

It is a good way to start your career in Salesforce ecosystem in India. By participating in it you may get a voucher for your Platform Developer 1 certification.

How to join this program ?

Step 1 : Click here to register

Step 2 : Start your journey and complete the learning modules.

Step 3 : Connect - You'll be connected with employers network !

Why should I join this program ?

✔️ It's absolutely free and online, so you can learn from anywhere. You will learn using trailhead which is the best & free self learning platform I have ever seen.

✔️ IDC reports the Salesforce economy will create roughly 1.9 million jobs in India by 2024

✔️You can connect with Mentors here to guide you in your journey. Trust me you are going to learn alot from their experiences.

✔️Win Swag & Get Certified - Stand a chance to win goodies and a $200 Platform Developer-I (PDI) certification voucher *

Note : Please check all terms & condition on the registration link above.

Trailhead Quests

Trailhead quests are another good way to earn free certification vouchers. Salesforce community is all about learn and grow together and as I mentioned earlier Salesforce community believe in giving back. Trailhead quest is one of the ways to motivate trailblazers to learn more with the chance of winning some cool swags and certification vouchers.

How to Join this learning adventure ?

✔️ Follow this link to quest

✔️ Choose a Quest

✔️ Complete the Challenges

✔️ Get a Chance to win

So overall it's a win win situation. But I would suggest you to look for challenge terms before attempting it to make sure that you are eligible for it.

Salesforce Certification Days

It's a certification program by Salesforce using which you can prepare for your certification exam and win a discount voucher with learning. 

It's a half day webinar to help you prepare for your salesforce certification. You just have to attend the webinar and all webinar attendees will receive a discount voucher that can be used while registering for the exam.

To check upcoming certification days please click here

Trailblazer Community Events

Another opportunity to learn and win certification vouchers and swags. These events are exciting and fun way to learn. 

These events are hosted by Group Leaders all over the globe. At the end of the event most of the time there are some fun quest/quiz and by participating in it you can get a chance to win some cool Swags & Certification vouchers. 

Click here to find the group events nearby your location !


Apart from above methods I would suggest you to follow Salesforce and Trailblazer community over social media like Twitter & LinkedIn. There are few additional short time programs announced by salesforce occasionally. 

Do follow their social media handles for more details.

Checkout the video below for more details

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