No Code Integration between Google Calendar Events and Salesforce Tasks

In this blog you will learn how you can integrate Google Calendar Events with Salesforce Tasks.

We will use a third party tool Zapier for that, we will create an event in Google Calendar and it will create a Task in our Salesforce org.

Please follow below steps : 

Step 1 : Create a Zapier account and create a new Zap by clicking on the MAKE A ZAP button.

Step 2 : In the first App Event select the source app, in this case we will select Google Calendar.

Step 3 : Choose a Trigger Event as per your requirement.

Step 4 : Test your trigger by creating a new event in your calendar.

Step 5 : Create second action and choose the target App. In my case I have selected Salesforce as I will be creating a task based on the event.

Step 6 : Select the action and Map the source fields with target fields.

Step 7 : Click on the Test Zap button to create the test data in Salesforce as shown below : 

Step 8 : Congratulations ! You have created your first app using Zapier, now hit turn on zap and see the magic.

Checkout Complete Tutorial Below : 

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