SOQL Query Builder in VS Code Salesforce

So recently while working on VS Code I tried the SOQL Query Builder an in this blog I will share my experience with you and I hope it will help you to understand it better.

Let's start it with a comparison with SQL Query builder, I thought it would be similar like the SQL but trust me it's completely different. In some parts I like the query builder and I was missing the SQL Query builder functionality too.

Yes, it is a easy to use tool which will minimize the guesswork while building the query, you can select fields and filters using picklist hence no need to remember the API names of fields. But as a developer I personally find it more time consuming compare to writing the query directly. 

So in my opinion it is good for those people who are new in their development journey and still in learning phase. But yes overall the functionality and features are awesome and we can expect few more enhancements in upcoming releases as it's still in the development phase.

Features I like: 

  • Easy to use
  • You can switch between query builder and text editor
  • Build the query live based on your selection on the text editor
  • UI is good
  • Option to add filters and use Order by
  • Execute the query and display result
  • Download the result in .csv or .json
To know my complete thoughts and tutorial please check the video below : 

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