Legacy Edge browser retirement Salesforce

 In order to provide the best possible experience for our customers, Salesforce is retiring support for the use of the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser when using Classic, as well as, Lightning Experience including Lightning console apps such as Lightning Sales Console and Lightning Service Console, and Communities December 31, 2020. Users can download the new Edge browser, which Microsoft released in January 2020, directly from the Microsoft site. 


Why are we retiring this support?

Salesforce is committed to supporting the latest browser from the respective browser vendors. With the release of the new Edge, we are therefore retiring support for the previous version. This latest browser from Microsoft is based upon an open-source engine, supporting the latest web technologies, which in turn,  means that feature teams no longer have to take Edge Legacy into account when planning features, and our robust testing suites no longer need to account for a proprietary browser.


What will happen after the retirement date?

You may be more prone to errors and bugs caused by the older browser’s proprietary rendering engine. If you continue to use the older Edge browser to interact with Salesforce, but we will no longer be able to accept support cases resulting from the use of this browser.

Source : Trailblazer Community

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