Integrate Slack with Salesforce using Zapier

 In this blog you will learn how you can integrate Salck with Salesforce using Zapier. We will create a Zap for that and configure the accounts.

Please follow below steps and make sure you have logged in your Slack, Salesforce & Zapier account.

Step 1 : Create a custom object in your Salesforce org

Step 2 : Create a zap between Slack & Salesforce and add the trigger events

Step 3  : Select the Slack account and set up the trigger

Step 4 : Test the trigger

Step 5 : Select selesforce in 2nd action pane and specify the trigger event.

Step 6 : Set up the Action, Object Name and field Mapping

Step 7 : Test the trigger and you are good to go !

Checkout the video tutorial below 

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