Salesforce Editions That Are No Longer Sold

Some Salesforce editions are no longer sold. You can continue to use your Contact Manager, Group, Personal, Performance, or Edition org or purchase one of the editions that are currently sold: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

NOTE Lightning Experience isn’t available in Contact Manager, Personal, or Edition orgs.
Contact Manager Edition
This edition is designed for small businesses and provides access to key contact management features including accounts, contacts, activities, calendars, notes and attachments, and reports. Contact Manager provides straightforward, easy-to-use customization options.
Group Edition
This edition is designed for small businesses and work groups with a limited number of users. Group Edition users can manage their customers from the start of the sales cycle through the end and provide customer support and service. Group Edition offers access to accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, cases, dashboards (read only), and reports.
Personal Edition

This edition is a CRM solution designed for an individual sales representative or other single user. Personal Edition provides access to key contact management features such as accounts, contacts, and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook®. It also provides sales representatives with sales tools such as opportunities.

NOTE Personal Edition orgs purchased after June 2009 don’t have access to opportunities.
Performance Edition
This edition is designed for customers who want to drive growth, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize sales and service success in the social and mobile world. Performance Edition orgs include all Unlimited Edition functionality plus clean, targeted lead and customer data from, coaching and feedback tools from WDC, trusted identity services from Identity, and more. For customers in Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, we offer Performance Edition Limited, which includes all Performance Edition functionality except is a multitenant cloud database service that’s designed to store data for mobile, social enterprise applications. You can use as the back-end database for applications that are written in any language and run on any platform or mobile device.'s built-in social computing infrastructure and native support for building sophisticated REST-based APIs enable you to create employee-facing, native mobile and social apps.

As a Salesforce customer, you already use when you create custom objects, manage security, or import data with the Lightning platform and API. A stand-alone version of is available for developers who want to create applications that harness other languages, platforms, and devices.

We don’t provide documentation. Refer to the Salesforce documentation and the list of features that supports. This list identifies the Salesforce documentation subjects that apply to Also, every feature’s Edition Table includes if the feature is available in Use the Salesforce Help, release notes, workbooks, and developer guides for APIs, Apex, SOQL, and SOSL.

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