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In this article you will learn to use Running User to filter report by current Logged In user. In my case I am having a report with a user Id field in which I am storing the user's id.

That report is available on each user's dashboard. Now the requirement is to display only current user's record on this report. I.E. if user "A" is logged in so he should see only his records on that report.

By default it is not possible to filter a report by the current user. But there is a workaround available for that : 

  1. Create a formula field on your object which must be having User's lookup field.
  2. Datatype : Formula(18,0)
  3. Formula : If(User_lookup__c= $User.Id,1,0)
  4. Create a report with field criteria where Your_Field__c= 1
The above field will be try whenever the User_lookup__c and the Running User values will be true.


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  1. Is this any different than the Current User filter?

    1. Yes it is, please check below link for reference :