Display 🚩 Flags conditionally using formula in Salesforce Lightning

In this article I will share an example to display Flag images based on a formula value. 

In my case the requirement was to display flags on lead based on user's login time. Let say if user is checking the lead in between 08:00 AM EST to 05:00 PM EST so the formula should show Green flag and user can call the client.

But if user is logged in after his working hours then it should show 🚩 Red flag to indicate user that he/she can not call the client at the moment.

To accomplish the functionality I created a formula field with return type TEXT on Lead object and applied below formula to do the trick.


IF((HOUR(TIMENOW())-4)>7 && (HOUR(TIMENOW())-4)<17, 
   IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_green.gif", "Green Flag"),
   IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_red.gif", "Red Flag")

In the above formula I am using TIMENOW() to get the current time and HOUR() to get the hour only from the TIMENOW() function. The result will be in GMT so to convert it to EST I have subtract 4 hours from it. So in above formula if the user will login  between 8AM to 5PM EST so it will display Green flag else it will show Red one.


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