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Upload Leads with Lead Assignment Rule in Salesforce ?

How to upload Leads with Assignment Rule in Salesforce ?

Let's take a scenario where you have to upload a large number of leads data in production/sandbox.

The first thing that comes in a salesforce developers mind will be to use Data Loader. Which will works absolutely fine in terms of Import/Export data.

Now suppose if you have an Lead Assignment Rule in your org and you wish to upload the leads with that assignment rule.

Is it still possible with Data Loader ?

Yes it is possible with data loader, we can add the assignment rule id in data loader settings.

Now when you run the insert, update or upsert, the assignment rule that you entered will be considered and fired for any record meeting the criteria of the assignment rule.
You can also use Data Import Wizard to assign the rule to leads.

While using data import wizard, there is a option to select lead assignment rule using which you could select the desire assignment rule before uploading the leads.

Please check below image for your reference : 

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  1. No we can assign the lead with dataloader as well for that we have to goto setting in dataloader application and we have to provide the assignment rule Id of leads

    1. Hi @Lokesh thanks for sharing the information. I was not aware about it. I hope your comment will help many learners :)

      I will edit the post accordingly.

      Thank you


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